Eco-friendly models to assemble and customize at school or at home.


This is a top-of-the-line mechanical wooden 3D-puzzle of the all-wheel-drive tractor Kirovets K-7M. The tractor has the rubber-band which makes the tractor to go forward and backward, free-wheel gear, start-stop system. The rubber-band opening mechanism of the hood shows the realistic six cylinder inline engine. Doors open and close. Connects with a trailer sold separately.


 Eco-friendly sustainable material made of FSC certified wood. Very high precision laser-cut plywood with amazing details. All inclusive boxes, self assembly. No messy glue required.


Clear colourful step-by-step assembly instructions.


Model includes candle wax for gears, sand paper and rubber bands. Very sturdy construction.

Tractor Kirovetz Construction Kit

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